Display and Rambo Mini

Just got my Mini Rambo card up and running. I’ve just received the display and installed, but it’s not acting like it’s alive at all. No power is apparent. The documentation looks like the display is configured in the latest boards already, but i’m not 100% sure. Any ideas or direction to point me before I try and reload the board?

Where did you get it from? Pictures of your connections?

What have you tried to fix it?


I have attached the pictures of the connections. I also have

a 16GB memory card in.

EXP1 goes to the card and slot marked P1

EXP2 goes to the card and slot marked P2

I haven’t done anything yet to troubleshoot it.

I have made all connections with no power applied



I got this directly from V1E, it arrived a couple of days ago.


Flip the cords over, https://www.v1engineering.com/mini-rambo-1-3/

I also have a RPi connected to the Rambo Mini running Octopi.

This is a brand new router, which by the way, is an engineering piece of art!


It’s alive!

I was using the tabs on the plugs and the etching on the cards. :slight_smile: Should have looked at the pictures!

Thank you very much! I could not be happier with the service and the design.

V1 Rocks!!!


Hi 5 buddy, thanks and welcome to the crew!

(so many things are a bit wonky like the mismatched tabs…) Working out the kinks slowly but surely.