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I just found out There is an upcoming article in the summer edition of Digital Machinist, written by Thomas M. about MachineKit. He told me he is using the Mostly Printed CNC in the article. I am very excited to see it. Both the magazine and the software are new to me so I will update this post when I know more. Fingers crossed my little machine does well in this article!


Cool. Congratulations!

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Editor just emailed, the magazines have just come off the press and he is mailing me a few copies…gotta send one to Mom right, what else will she show her friends.

Oh my goodness, I just got the magazine in the mail. There are absolutely no words for how I feel. I will post more info tomorrow but it is amazing to see it in print, and such nice words to go along with it.

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I hope you mom likes the article. :wink:

Thanks for the reminder. Where’s the more info? I hope your not letting modesty get in the way.

On the homepage I put 2 pages out of 9 of the amazing article.

Mom mom cried…she’s a softy and she hasn’t read it yet. She’s beyond proud.


Oops, missed it. Congratulations again.

That’s really impressive, Ryan… it seems all the more “big-time” seeing it all in real paper print. Read those first two pages and am now hanging on the cliff… :wink:

Cheapskate I am, I’ve already “ordered” my sample copy – which of course will NOT be the one issue of immediate interest – and I’m inexplicably “waffling” now on a one-year subscription… unsure it will begin with the Summer’17 issue. Why I do this I’ll never know… I can easily spend the equivalent on a good meal, a roll of filament, or a round of golf at the local goat-track… but I’ll hem and haw around for days trying to make up my mind on something like this. I just need to do it and be done with it. Can anybody relate?



I like to remember that recycling a magazine is easier than printing and subsequently throwing away 1kg of filament.

Even easier is the digital print version.

I’m at my local Barnes and Noble. They have digital machinist, but it’s the spring 2017 one not the summer 2017 one. Maybe the trial will be the right one. Or maybe they’ll get the summer version soon.

There! Got it out of my hair. Decided – after finding a fencepost that would listen to me […thanks, Jeff ;)] – that they’d have to process my subscription sometime before the Fall’17 issue was out… so surely my subscription will start with the Summer’17 issue. Done.

I love it when I act so decisively.

I have it on pretty good authority that George Bulliss the editor of Digital Machinist, Machinist Workshop and the Home Shop Machinist, is going to be at Tormach Techdays handing out copies on Aug 4-5 in Madison, Wi (In case Barnes and Noble is sold out and you’re in the vicinity of Madison)

This event sounds pretty cool and the Tormach folks are great people as well.

OK, time for me to put an editor hat on… :wink:

“and and editor” should be “and an editor”
“getting other started” should be “getting others started”

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Thanks Bill, I squashed those bugs, brain farts, or whatever caused my lack of proofreading to manifest itself.

That’s awesome and well deserved, congratulations Ryan!

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Yea, it’s up to the vendors as to what magazines get put on the shelves at B&N. Hopefully they get it. I know they never got the issue of MagPi that had the free zero in it. Was really bummed out about that. Couldn’t find them for months. Now my local Microcenter has a 2 foot square bin full of them!

Shaneh just picked it up for me! One of the other B&N in the area has it now.

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That is so cool to hear, and an amazing feeling. It must be awesome for Thomas as well.

Dude, a real magazine, on a retail shelf, an article about the MPCNC… Blows my mind.

Pretty crazy there has been no noticeable traffic/sales increase whatsoever from the article. I guess that is not my target market. My numbers have been strangely consistent for the last 5 months.