Denver Maker Faire

It’s today. Anyone else going?

In years past, it’s been fun, but nothing like the San Mateo one I went to last year. This year, they’ve joined forces with the spark fun AVC, which is usually a blast. I have high hopes.

It was fun. The combat robots were super exciting. Nothing like the San Mateo one though. I looked hard, but didn’t see any original prusas. Several lulzbots. I think they are local?

The mini maker faires around here tend to be more kid focused, lots of really young kid activities, and a few high schools tech programs showing there latest projects. The first few times I went I got super excited thinking I was going to be able to buy some cool kits and weird tech gadgets but you can’t really buy anything. Some seem to like it that way but…I like new toys. Seems like the high school tech programs could fund some of there tools buy selling some learn to solder kits or something. I imagine like the tech version of a bake sale…

The small combat robots look pretty fun, might be a cool hobby.