Cool Youtube Channels

For the first “random” thread, I think we should have something mildly on topic.

We are all tinkerers and are fascinated with how stuff works, how to make things, and just sciencey stuff in general.

Here are a few of my favorite Youtube channels that are related to making, tinkering, and other stuff. If you don’t watch woodworking videos yet, I highly encourage you to. Woodworkers are engineers that just don’t know it yet. They think of the craziest/most awesome solutions to problems.

AVE : Does machining, random side projects, some basic electronics stuff, and my favorite series BOLTR (bored of lame tool reviews) where he takes apart tools to see if they are any good. WARNING:strong language and some on the edge jokes are frequent on this channel.

Tested: A youtube channel with Adam Savage (from mythbusters) as a main contributor. Mostly random videos of expensive products, but I particularly enjoy the one day builds and the podcasts with Adam called “Still Untitled”

mrpete222 (tubalcain): Machining (old school manual stuff), tools, shop tips, and small engine builds

EEVblog (and EEVblog2): Electronics tear downs, other cool electronics videos

LinusTechTips: Computer stuff

bigclivedotcom: electronics tear downs, modifications, overviews of how things work

Steve Ramsey (woodworking for mere mortals): Woodworking videos

Frank howarth: advanced wood working videos, amazing bowls, and a unique editing style (stop motion with sound added in throughout the videos)

izzy swan: Woodworking videos with a twist utilizing tools in unexpected ways

John Grimsmo, knife maker out of Canada. Uses cnc machines to make his knives, shows how he does it.
Colin Furz, if you haven’t heard of him, you’re not interneting correctly.

Queen of Sh**y robots

Matthias Wandel (Really smart woodworker/machine builder)

Thomas Sanladerer (3D Printer expert, cool German accent, and high quality videos).

Flight Test

Tested, Adam Savage’s builds and workshop tours are my favorite.

April Wilkerson (Woodworking). I like her shop tours the best.

Jay Bates (Woodworker. Except for the fact he’s a redwings fan, and has a gigantic garage, I like this guy’s videos)

I figured I would throw in a few more.

AWE me You just have to check it out!

core77inc Lots of Diresta Vids

David Waelder Works around Jimmy Diresta’s shop (cool projects now and then)

DIY Perks I like his LED builds

Dustin Penner Shop projects

HomeMadeModern Projects around the house

I Like To Make Stuff He likes to make stuff

JimmyDiresta Jimmy Himself

John Heisz I Build It . CA

Julian Ilett Electronic Nut

NYC CNC Excellent CNC vids

Ryan Bates Check out his latest project the arduino vending machine

Smarter Everyday Destin Sandlin crazy smart!

The Ben Heck Show Im sure you have seen it…

Youtube consumes too much of my time lol!