Contact between belt and z pipe


is that normal, that the y belt have contact with my z pipes ???

here a sketch

and 2 pics

No that’s not correct I think you place some parts wrong way!! Look at the yz roller parts there is a thin and a thick side the thick is placed inside.

This here ?

thats right, or?

That’s correct. Post some photos of your set up from a distance so that we can see your all assembly. Also have you installed belt ends at the end of your table?

There should be about 1mm gap made by the belt ends.

i will make some photos later…

but thanks for your photos.

what is the distance between the table and your z-pipes?


sorry, but the assembly instructions here (v1 page), are not the best.

At my LR2 the distance between pipes and table is about 5mm.

Mine pretty much touch the table.

Lets see a shot of the ends of the belt on the table.

here 3 pics


You definately forgot a bearing on the lower Z roller. This is why your Y plate tilts and this also leads to zero clearance on the Z pipe and the belts.

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Ups. You are right. Nur the Problem isnt gone

Hi, basically I have the same “problem”. The belts and the tubes are in touch. I am using my Lowrider since some weeks and I think this never created real problems for now. Maybe can in the future lead to premature belt wearing out?