CNC lathe?

I saw this extremely courageous (is that the right word?) guy with this router/lathe combo, and I thought, “Why not make a machine that can do that while you are at a safe distance away?”

If you added a piece of stock on a spindle, with all the lathe parts that requires, you could use the MPCNC to move the rotating bit (which he claims is much lower drag than a cutter) to make a turned piece. Not sure if that would work for aluminum, but it seems like it’s worth a try for some wood. Anyone want to figure this out so I can follow your example in a few months?

Maybe you could just embed one of these under an MPCNC?

That would be a cool experiment, like the 4 head machine. That would be a fun build, and super messy. You would have chips flying everywhere.

I want to turn firewood into expensive looking firewood.

I was thinking of making a rotary axis for my mpcnc build that could do something like that… Well not like that… The work would be rotated by a stepper and spinning like a 1000 times slower.

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