CNC.js Probe

Is there any way to customize the built-in “Probe” widget in CNC.js?

It runs an odd sequence that seems to cause issues when I start a job afterward - I’ve had the mill bury itself as deep as it can in the workpiece twice now…

The sequence is

; Z-Probe
G38.2 Z-10 F20
; Set the active WCS Z0
G10 L20 P1 Z10
; Retract from the touch plate
G0 Z4

I’m no Marlin expert, but the G10 seems like it might be the heart of the issue?

Found an open issue on the CNC.js GitHub, looks like it’s an issue with the code they generate for Marlin that nobody seems inclined to acknowledge or fix. The workaround seems to be (as I’ve already done) to create a custom macro and use that for probing.