Carved Bench Back

I tried a couple different V cutters and settled on a 1/4" shank 90 degree. It’s quite large so you can do deep cuts in wood suitable for thick outdoor pieces like this and the angle doesn’t leave a lot of fragile bits that might break off.



That’s a neat project. Where do you get the sides?

Yeah I put the kids names on the back too. That’s the hard part… everyone wants a bunch of money for old used cast iron sides. You can get any style of used sides you want from a guy in England for $100 or more on eBay but my wife found these on an old bench in a charity furniture donations place. Here’s the ‘before’ picture.


That’s a big improvement. Are the slats cedar?

Yes... the original boards were 3/4” but the big box store only had 5/8” or 1” so I managed to get the 1” to fit by cutting recesses in for the bolts. The holes and recesses all have to line up exactly so I found it easier to switch to doing them on the low rider instead of a drill press. It was interesting getting the machine accurate to the millimeter across the width of the table. It took exactly two 8x6 boards with almost no waste.

We had a bench just like that when I was a kid, my Mom loved it. I have to show her how nice you looks now, awesome work!

Well, you did say you don’t get to use your cncs for not work stuff, now you’ll have a project!

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