Carveco cam question

I am using the marlin post processor from carvco but its not doing what the is programmed into the carveco software. Instead of cutting circles its doing a circle with a line. Can someone help me get on track.

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@Ram_H , did you run it in air above the workpiece to to see if it looks correct? Could be a mechanical issue like loose belts or grub screws and you see it when the cutter is under load.

You can also check the tool path in a gcode simulator such as this?

Carveco user/modder/Postp author here.

#1-Usually the symptom you show is a mechanical issue. Check the tension/bearing contact on the trucks and core. I have had this issue.
#2-Open the gcode file in Notepad or such. See if it is has G2/G3 arc moves. These can be problematic, but I haven’t seen anyone with these problems for a while, as the most current firmware can use G2/G3. I have an edited postp that removes these.


Thank you all for your help. I checked and all screws are good and tight.
I decided to switch to vcarve and change post processors. They are nice and round now.

well then yep it was G2/G3 arc moves then. The VCarve pp had been edited