Burly Maintenance?

My burly had been working well until it went off a bit. I recently cut a ring meant to frame a round work piece and the size was a bit off and looking from the top, at about 7:30 on the clock face where the tool plunged for both the inner and outer cuts I notice tool marks on both the inner and outer cuts where previously those cuts had been nice, smooth circles.

Looking it over I’d say all the belts could use a little tightening and there seems to be a little too much play when grabbing the center section and applying a little load. I see no cracked/ broken PLA pieces.

I’m asking which bolts I’ll likely need to adjust as I have to confess to having had a feeling akin to vertigo when I first assembled it and still may not have a great overall picture of how everything works together. I’d like to avoid getting myself into more trouble by adjusting the wrong bolts.

Grub Screws? Gotta ask…

Yes, I checked, the Loctite applied at assembly seems to be working.

I think the tension bolts in the center section may need some adjustment, just thought I’d seek some advice so I don’t adjust things in the wrong direction, sometimes it’s hard to find your way home when you do.

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