Build instructions/pictures?

I’ve been digging around the site for a while trying to find as much info as I can. I was wondering if anyone had any instructions or pics of the build process. I have all the parts and am cutting out the flats with my LR2 this weekend but I’m kinda at a loss on where to start with this build. Thanks all!


There’s a bunch of nice labeled diagrams here

Thanks but I’m looking for some drawings for the MP3DP. I already have my LR2 up and running.

Ahh, that’s my mistake, sorry, for some reason thought this was the LR2 forum!

Lol, no worries! I’ve done that before myself! After your reply I even checked to make sure I asked in the correct forum! I read them all and get confused at times as to which one I’m in.

There aren’t more detailed instructions. There are many good assembled photos in the forum builds, and I think it’s hard to assemble wrong. Feel free to document how you do it, and I will just point people to your post next time. :smiley:

w.r.t. the wrong forums. My favorite is when Ryan says, “You should really be building a low rider at that size” and it’s in the LR forums :). I haven’t seen that in a while, so he must have learned his lesson.

Thanks Jeff. I’ve been looking over the pics in the forums (especially yours). I will do my best to document my build and write something up. It could be quite comical in fact. Lol.

I hope I didn’t just burden you with a painful task :). Just don’t worry about the instructions so much that it stresses you out. This is your build, so have fun. It doesn’t take much to guide someone who’s trying to get it right, and it wouldn’t take much to have them be useful. The hardest thing is to remember to stop and take photos instead of just pushing ahead.

Lol - no burden. It was something I was thinking of anyway. My buddy and I both just bought all the parts and will be working on building 2 of them together.

You are right about the hardest part being to remember to take pics/video. Lol.

I was (and still really am) very green to all of this stuff and had the same question about how to build up the MP3DP. I managed just fine with all of the photos on the site and then when it came right down to it, photos and questions posted here got me sorted right quick. Not sure if my build thread will clear up any of the things I ran into for you but it might.

I’m trying to give back to the forums where I can since so much of it is way over my head. I feel like it’s the least I can do for all the help and support I’ve got from everyone here.

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Thanks Kelly! Your thread is one of the ones I’ve been following.