I keep randomly having BSOD when using my CNC. BlueScreenViewer shows CH341S64.sys as being the driver causing it everytime. I tried updating the driver with a link found on this forum, but the BSOD continues whenever the CNC’s control board is plugged in (doesn’t even have to be in active use, just plugged in and Repetier Server is sitting idle) It’s Windows 10 and the driver version shows as 3.4.

I haven’t seen that before.
My best guess would be in order.

  1. try changing usb ports.
  2. change usb cords.
    3.get one of the lcd screens and disconnect all together.

Sorry I know that wasn’t very helpful.

I did one and two before posting without any luck. I ordered a Raspberry Pi 2 to just replace the computer altogether.

Another cheap way to replace the computer is to use one of the LCD/SD boards. They just plug into the RAMPS board.