Board Communication Problem

So I might have messed something up…
RAMBo board from V1. Series wire kit, no endstops.
After not being able to detect the board because of a missing driving, I’ve run into another issue. I was going to do the Repetier Host movement test. Start with moving X 1 mm. Will I when I did I heard a buzzing sound, no movement.
Because of my experience with CNC machines, my first instinct was to press the reset button on the board. Then there were a bunch of blinked red lights, 3 in a row blinking. Disconnected power and USB from outlet and computer. Tried flipping one of the wire harnesses. And when I reconnected everything, no led lights, no communication to the board.
Fuse looked good. Tried checking voltage but I’m getting 27 vac so I must be doing something wrong.

How do you guys usually check to see if it is a power issue?

Windows (what version), or MAC?
Windows 7 and some Macs need a driver that can be found on the ultimachine wiki.

Windows 7. Driver is updated and recognized in the device manager. Just doesn’t seem to have power.

Pictures of how you have it plugged in? Multi-meter to verify you have power or to test the fuses?

Double checking power now, should I check it at power input C?
Trying to remove F2 fuse to test it.

Here is a picture of power input.

It was the F3 fuse! Just put in order for some replacements.

Those don’t randomly pop, you should have a very close look to see if anything is wrong, unless you know how it happened.

I’ll take close look at stepper wiring. That’s all that is all that was connected besides power and usb.

If an estop button isn’t present what is the best way to stop the machine when something is going wrong?
Select disconnect on Repetier? Because I think it is because of how I stopped it.

Power button on the power strip everything is plugged into.

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