Bit organizer

Got to catch it in the right light to see the engraving but finally got me a bit organizer made getting ready for my first big job.



I just got an order for 20 sets of those charcuterie board and coasters.


Really nice. The holes for the 1/8’’ bits, did you drill them exactly to fit or are they a little bigger? I thought about doing it, but I can only buy 3.2 or 3.25mm drill bits (so a little bigger than the 3.175mm of 1/8’’). Would that work or be wobbly?

That should work fine. The bits V1 sells are what used. I didn’t go big enough on the 1/4” holes so I had to drill them out a little and I drilled the holes for the drag knife blades by hand and just eyeballed the spacing.

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Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it’s about time I design a bigger bit storage board lol.