Best software?

what software are you guy’s using to send jobs to the rambo for cnc’ng ? has anyone written or themed any software specifically for MPCNC?

or is everyone just using fusion 360 as the best choice?





Your question is a bit confusing, fusion does not talk to the machine it is CAM software, just makes gocode. The most common CAM package is ESTLCAM and fusion 360.

The most common ways to communicate with the machine are reptier host, or if you have an lcd screen just use the SD card.

I like the SD card method.

I hate the idea of taking my laptop into the garage where there’s dust flying around. I typically bring the laptop to the breakfast room table that’s right inside the garage door. Then I go in and out as necessary if I’m fine tuning stuff.

Eventually I plan on mounting a Raspberry Pi to the system and trying to get Octoprint to play nice with the MPCNC. Then I can push the code remotely and use my cell phone or tablet to start/stop the machine.