Best bang for your buck controller suggestions?

BTW, I ordered one of those esp grbl boards. I have to wait on the esp board (I don’t have one with that footprint), but I’m going to poke at it a bit, and maybe revive my ZXY to try it out.

I am getting more and more convinced that the pi as a controller is a solid money saving option that actually increases functionality. I am still digging through boards as I want a simple Board for the Zen but would also love a option for those that email me wanting something lower cost than what I offer. Knowing what I know now the circuit protection and digipots seriously make the premium worth it to me.

I was just thumbing through TV, and I found our pal Dave Gun made a neat little 3D printed circuit board for 2 steppers:

He also has a neat little control for adjusting PID loops:

I don’t know why I didn’t think to just use a 3D printed layout for circuit board parts. It’s pretty clever. You could even lay out some “traces” in the material to give you a guide on how to wire it.

Interesting, I like them both. Really got me thinking about the PID control.

Yeah, although your PID doesn’t really need to be tuned. AFAIK.

Just the layout got me thinking. The small OLED, I think two knobs w/buttons. One for rpm (adjustable difference from Gcode), one for antichatter (adjustable range +/-). Click to enable/adjust. Both numbers on the screen at all times, no menus. Done. I guess we are in the wrong thread but that seems legit to me.