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Hi all.
A question probably asked before but here goes first question as new member.

Strangely I can get 25mm bright round bar (bright = very nice finish on it) for better I can get conduit pipe!!!??!?

My questions is - will the additional weight of the bars be a problem for the design? The Z access will still be 25mm conduit pipe to keep it light, just curious if the cross beams the Z-axis is mounted on need to remain pipe or can be solid bar - or what the implications would be? I get the fact that the cable run can’t be inside the round bar

The intent is to use it primarily as a plasma cut table allowing standard steel sheets of 1260mm wide be accommodated. Hence the investigation into round bar to help deal with the flex over a 1465mm recommended length on the calculator.

Yes - the low rider is there - does not appeal to me - its more specific to a particular job - the standard setup seems more flexible to me - (un-informed opinion as it may be)

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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Tube is stiffer by weight. It’s better to keep this as light as possible or you’ll end up running with ungodly slow speeds. You can use the bar for the X and Y outer rails though. Keep the moving parts tube if possible.

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thanks - that makes good sense!

Building my shopping list will certainly include this advice.

Assuming this thread is in the correct category (Lowrider), there are no X and Y outer rails …All the tubes are moving parts of the gantry.

Solid bar is really much too heavy for any part of the Lowrider, I think you’d regret using it.

its in the wrong place - rookie mistake sorry.
Was specifically trying to reference the MPCNC model

No worries…In that case listen to @barry99705 and ignore me. 8^)

Also, I’ll move the thread to the MPCNC category…

thanks - much appreciated