bad v-carve

When I try to cut large letters, the machine does not cut straight. I went to a carpenter who works near my house and at first glance told me that the open p is carved badly, some advice?

Can you give some specs please. From here it looks like you went to aggressive and didn’t square it up before you started but without more details that is a very wild shot in the dark.

Machine size, spindle, bit, feeds rpm, depth of cut. Picture of the machine helps. CAM settings etc.

How are you starting the machine, do you check for square before you hit the start button?

spindle at 30.000 rpm, material MDF, v-bit 12.7mm 90degree, depths 12.7mm. I really don’t know how check the square…

You are using a 1/2" v bit, and cutting 12.7mm per pass? we use 1/8", a few use 1/4" and use not more than 5-10mm/pass on soft wood. What size is your machine, how long is your z axis, how fast are you cutting?

Square meaning the rollers are equal distance from the corner blocks on matching axis, When you move it by hand it will not be square.

Measure form the corners blocks on the x axis to the roller and make the same distance on each side then do it again on the y axis. You will then cut squares not parallelograms.

the bit is 1/4’’ and of couse i dont square the machine before the cut :frowning:
thanks, tomorrow i will try it

That only explains the non square, The other issue is poor cut quality. You are either moving too fast, too deep per pass, or your machine is too big (meaning too fast or too deep for your machine). But with no other information. That is all I can do to help.

the cut quality (if you mean the external border) it’s poor because when i cut it i lost the power when i was cutting (at 3 minutes from the end ) and i used it for test the machin in both sides. the machine have a cut area of 65x65x10CM