Are dual endstops required on the LR 3?

I have a question about the LowRider 3. Is it possible to build it without dual endstops?

Yes, it can be built without use of endstop switches. The LowRider v2 was built and used by many makers without switches. It can be manually “homed and squared” at the start of each job. The endstop switches make it convenient and easy to home and square.

Myself, having used a LowRider (v2) a lot without any endstop switches, and then having used another one (v3) with endstop switches, I like them, and recommend them. They are “baked into” the v3 design, and worth it to implement, in my humble opinion.


Thanks for the very quick answer Doug!

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From everything I’ve read and understand, if you plan on doing any inlay work, or anything with multiple tools, you’ll really want the endstops for the easy repeatability of XY homing (you’ll still need to manually home Z).


Thanks K and Doug, I decided to build in the endstops, hopefully i don’t have a “faulty” SKR PRO V1.2 and have to solder resistors…