Archim 2 LCD fix

I hope to start carrying the Archim 2 boards soon. I am putting this here so I don’t lose this info in case It never makes it into Marlin 2.0.

I finally got the Reprap discount full graphic LCD working on the Archim 2 with the Marlin 2.0 branch. Maybe this isn’t the correct way to fix it but it works. I had to change line 36 and 37 of the file Marlin/src/lcd/dogm, from a page height of 16 to a page height of 8.



Nice. I still need to get this original archim working with Marlin 2.0. Just been too busy to make the changes to the code that it needs :frowning: I Spent the last 3 weeks working on my truck (which meant riding my bike to work, which I swear is uphill both ways) tackling what I thought was a small coolant leak but escalated rapidly to the point of pulling the engine :frowning:

And with Marlin 2.0 changing to rapidly and not being official yet…I hate to make the fairly major changes needed right now. But with the truck behind me hopefully I’ll have time to tackle it soon.

(Though I also just ordered some parts to do a major extruder upgrade on my printer, and a bunch of boards and components to build a midi sequencer I started working on over 10 years ago and have an itch to finish now that I have the CNC and 3D printer so I don’t have to pay crazy prices for knobs and can make a nice custom case…)



There have been a lot of changes recently from what I can tell. The last merge I just ran was 233 changes, but so far so good.

I had a few projects in mind that made me need a CNC…haven’t done a single one of them yet other than make my own printer. So don’t feel bad if at takes a while to get to your passion project.