Any options for an email notification when the cnc bundle is back in stock?

Worst case I just keep hitting F5 lol. Or anyone know when they will be back in stock?


Thanks for all the hard work.

Ryan might not like me suggesting it, but I’ve used in the past for this kind of thing. IDK if it works with Ryan’s shop, or if it will chew up his server if a lot of people use it… There are others (a quick google search show wachete looks pretty good). I think they will just keep refreshing for you and email you or notify you if there are any differences in a web page.

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I will have a some in an hour or so, but I am out of mini’s for a week or so.

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If someone wants to buy my Mini I’m looking for an excuse to upgrade to a Archim… :slight_smile:

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I realize that I am probably one of many people submitting contact forms and I realize how annoying that probably is, so…


I too am wondering when the mpcnc kit will be back in stock. I am just looking for a dual wiring, 6A PSU hardware kit w/o any mainboard. Just thought I would check the forum as well as submit a contact form :slight_smile: I noticed the 30A PSU was in stock but not the 6A