Any functioning MPCNC Machines in the Midwest ?

Wondering if there are any MPCNC machines in Mi., Oh, or Ind. - would like to get some advice from someone nearby . T hanks , Joe

I have one here in Indiana, what is it you need?

I live near near Lansing ,Mi - I am wondering if it would be possible for me to take a little trip and actually see your set up . I am really new at this . I have the mpcnc built & am wondering abt control systems etc. I would give you my e-mail address to make some arrangements if possible . I am a 79 yr old retiree trying to shorten my learning curve ! Thanks , Joe

Joe…This weekend you can come see my build! I will be in Goshen Indiana at the Midwest RepRap festival. Mrrf. Pretty close to you (a few hours drive?)

It is free to attend and you will have your mind blown at all the crazy things people come up with. This is by far the most bleeding edge of consumer 3D printing I have ever seen. Well worth the trip.


Yeah, maybe?!

Hi Ryan , will you be there fri or sat – if so, how do I find you ?

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There will probably only be a couple mpcnc’s there. I’ll be there too, wearing my V1 Engineering t-shirt.

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Will you be there on Fri or Sat. - I’d like to make sure that someone is there to answer my questions. I am abt 3 hrs away , so I’m not I can make it both days . - Thanks . Joe

I’ll be there Saturday, not sure about Ryan.

Sorry ,but I can’t find SAT hours listed anywhere — can you help me out ?

Barry your bringing a toy?!! awesome.


Joe I don’t think Friday is a “public” day, could be wrong either way I won’t be there until Friday afternoon weather permitting (driving from Chicago). Saturday is 9am to midnight. I will be around all day Sat and some of Sunday. Minus some food breaks and drooling on others machines. Last year there were actually two buildings and not clearly marked so we might be in a different building. It should not be to hard to find us though. You can always ask around there are some very friendly people there.

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Naa, just parts. I figured Ron was going to be there again. Could be wrong though.

Sweet! You read my mind I thought he said he was coming but I looked through the thread and he didn’t say. I just asked.

Joe I will be wearing a V1 shirt as well but it will be buried under a few jackets a beaning and some thermals…Me and snow don’t get along.

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If you can’t find us, the front desk people can page either of us.

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Joe, I am also planning to attend mrrf and maybe I will see you there. Goshen would be a lot closer drive than my place ?.

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was not planning on lugging my mpcnc this year since you are bringing your show model. :slight_smile:

I am bringing my kossel mini just to have it there to play with.

Do you need me to bring anything?

i think anyone can come on Friday. I thought it was only open from 3-5 to set up but the e-mail they sent indicated noon to 10, a full day of it.

I am going to be soooo tired.

I am in west michigan. not sure i have the experience to help but would be willing to try.

Yup the time thing messed me up as well. I land at noon Chicago time, so grab a bag and a car then drive out. So I will be there at 3, the very earliest more like 4-5. Kinda feel like I should get my room key first as well.

I’ll be on a roof stringing a phone line between buildings around noon Friday… Unless it’s snowing, screw that crap if it’s snowing. I’m a computer nerd, not a telco dude. :lol: