Another Tom's video, Kinda.

Can you find me in the background?

Nope. Those closed loop brushless motors are interesing. I don’t know if he understands the slow speed, closed loop benefits of them though. In a rep rap machine, with some smaller, common parts could be really apealing.

I talked to him about those. It would be nice to have a single unit for Spindle control…

Counting encoders wouldn’t be great at spindle speeds. But if you wanted to do some kind of tool change, that would be great.

Those “drivers” do all the encoder and PID work. Throw in a super powerful motor with full torque at all RPM ranges…dreamy…

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Do they work at 30k rpm? With 8k ticks to count per rev, that’s 240MHz. That’s no joke.

Our spindle doesn’t need precise position, it needs precise speed.aybe having an IC to do some of the counting for high rpms and use the actual count at lower rpms.

I haven’t thought that far through, one PID at a time. My brain has a very limited capacity.

And today an other “ew” video, this time with a Frameless CNC for panels We had already talked anout that kind of confguration…



I saw a video yesterday (cant find the link) of someone making a positional rip fence on the table saw. That would be pretty useful. I would hack a staples easy button home it way out of the way.

I wonder if I can use the brushless motor controller on my MPCNC Lathe project…

$119 for the controller, they seem pretty well established so they must have some happy customers.