Advice on middle assembly

Hi guys,

Im in the process of building the new version of middle assembly andI am having a little doubt.
I’ve printed the F_XYZ_T8 part (I couldn’t find the normal one to download)
and in the photo sequence showing how to assemble the parts, it says to insert a bearing between the spacer and the F_XYZ_T8 parts. I dont understand how should I insert the bearing in place of the T8 withot flipping the F_XYZ_T8 part but doing so it dosnt seem correct…

So should I print F_XYZ with bearing housing? I cannot find it on the thingiverse site.


Thank you


Ok, I think I’ve understood… The bearings that instructions talks about should be inserted in the black F_XY part… :slight_smile:


Don’t apologize. Someone is going to have that same problem in a bit, and they will find this post, and say nothing, but move onto happy cutting. I’ve done it 10k times. Public troubleshooting is the best.

Oye…my instructions are starting to fall behind again. I have had a a lot of emails about people missing the coupling nut in there kit and how pissed they are when they absolutely can’t finish assembling it. Then I tell them they have an “upgraded kit” then they are happy.

I have put this on the list of things to do…reluctantly…and I will look into this section as well pinko, sorry for the shite instructions. As you can imagine I like to make things more than make instructions.