Advice for 12mm shant router/cutter


I built my personal MPCNC last year already and i did quite some things with already.
For my latest project i need a special cutter, which only comes with a 12mm Shant.
My trial with a 8mm to 12mm Shant adapter were not very successful because
its just vibrating not, really milling.
So i believe i need to get a Cutter with a 12mm insert.
And of course it should fit into the 65mm round socket in my MPCNC

Is there any advice i can follow ?

You can find standard shaft sizes and different sized cutting ends. Probably easier that trying to find a 12mm collect.

What kind of router are you using? makes good quality collets, including 12mm for some brands of routers.

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Thank you for your suggestions.

finally i came to this solution:

could not post the ebay links,
here are the article numbers:

  • spindle 313054999588
  • power supply 392411618717
  • collet 322719859771

cheers g√ľnther