Accelerometer/GPS/Data Recorder for Race Car

Not to take a way from a really fun project… but… the people I know that race all use one of these.

They have another, more expensive, one that can connect to the ODBII port

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What I was trying to convey is that it isn’t complicated. You end up with some short code and a dozen or so floating point parameters. It is just that knowing which parameters and which short code you need is tricky. So finding someone who has done it already is worth a lot.

I tend to be very pessemistic when it comes to this kind of thing because I write planners that have to use this data to control the robot. If I have noise in the sensors or noise in the control output, people blame my planner. So I always fight for the best possible inputs.

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This makes a ton of sense for your use case. And hell I want the best numbers I can get even for some simple home assistant sensor lol.

I’m hoping I will have time and energy tonight to read though that other thread. It looks like it will have a good bit of info in it and work out to be something that will be fun for me and my son to tackle. I’m sure I will still have plenty of questions lmao

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I’m not playing with robots, but my software guys are constantly throwing metrics my way that I have to monitor and alert on. I hate noisy metrics. Makes alerting on them difficult.


Thinking a bit outside of the box here, but a Quick/cheap datalogger can be done with an RC drone flight controller and betaflight firmware

You would not get car data like revs,temps, brake pedal percent or steering, but this is the quickest and most out of the box way I could think of…


Yeah we are not trying to get anything like this. Mostly just fun to see how fast he is going around the track and maybe some G forces, not that they will be real high in a crown vic LOL. This isn’t meant to be any real world high end race team data logger. Just meant as a way for me to learn more and hopefully a way to get my son a little interested in it as well. He loves playing his car racing games, making new cars and tracks. Thought this might be a good way to get him more involved in the hardware side as well.

It’s probably been said but I wonder if draggy would work for you.
And sometimes if everyone else is using transponders you can get a race one that tracks that all. I think it’s pricey, lots of ppl run that at our local track.

I was just about to recommend the same thing. You can also link a GPS module to the flight control board.

I almost recommended that approach too. I had that on my FPV quad. I’m sure it’s even better than I last used it years ago.