A little help with endmils?

Hello everyone,

I am looking to engrave some small numbers/Letters (3/8") single line text into small pieces of Brass. I’m doing fine with my tool paths but havent had any luck with the right end mill to use. So far the miils I’ve used haven’t cleared the chips fast enough to get a decent cut. Also i would
Like to have a little bevel on the engraving ( not just a square cut). Any ideas?

Normally you could do that with a V bit and the Carve function in cam. Vbit in metal takes some test cuts too dial in, a little air or IPA mist can help. For shallow small letters you can use a diamond drag bit, or larger letters use a V bit.

Thanks Ryan,

I have a vbit i purchased from your store. Would you recommend that one in metal?

Most Vbits are pretty much the same, it will work. Now, you might want to learn in wood first, metal is difficult to get perfect and a V bit is even more difficult. The tip is essentially not spinning, so at first you are are pretty much just dragging a sharp point through the material until you get deeper. So high RPM will help but you will need to keep it cool because it is rubbing a lot.

This is going to take test cuts, do not waste expensive material until you are sure you have the recipe right. Wood and plastic are simple V carving, metal is a whole new animal.

I tried to V-Carve copper a few days ago and it is really hard to get nice results, you have to go pretty slow and then it still does not look too brilliant. I haven’t found the perfect way to do it, but I think my inlaid chip turned out pretty well, it was very slow, I think 200mm/min with 24k RPM and 0.4mm depth or so.