A brief conversation with ChatGPT... especially note the last question! :-)

Me: Why is your knowledge of world and events after 2021 limited?

OpenAI: As an AI language model, my knowledge is based on the data I was trained on, which in my case comes from various sources of text that were collected up to 2021. While I have access to a vast amount of information and can provide general knowledge on many topics, I may not be aware of events or developments that have occurred after 2021 unless they were included in my training data. However, I can still provide you with general knowledge and answer questions to the best of my abilities based on the information I have been trained on.

Me: In simple terms, please explain to me why the sky of earth appears blue in color.

OpenAI: The sky appears blue in color because of a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering. Sunlight is made up of many colors, or wavelengths, of light. When the sun’s rays enter the Earth’s atmosphere, the short blue wavelengths are scattered in all directions by the tiny molecules of air and other gases in the atmosphere. This scattering causes the blue light to be redirected in all directions, including into our eyes, which makes the sky appear blue to us. The longer wavelengths, such as red, orange, and yellow, are not scattered as much, so they continue to travel in a more direct path and do not contribute as much to the blue color of the sky. This is why the sky appears red or orange during sunrise or sunset, when the sun’s light has to travel through more of the Earth’s atmosphere before reaching our eyes, and the blue light is scattered more.

Me: Why is my DIY CNC router machine occasionally skipping steps?*

OpenAI: A DIY CNC router machine can occasionally skip steps for several reasons. Here are a few common causes and possible solutions:

  1. Mechanical issues: If the machine’s mechanical components, such as the stepper motors or belts, are worn or damaged, they may cause the machine to skip steps. Check to see if any components are loose, damaged, or need lubrication. Tightening or replacing these components may solve the problem.
  2. Electrical issues: If the machine’s electrical system is not properly configured, it may cause the machine to skip steps. Check to see if the voltage and current are correct for the stepper motors and drivers. Make sure that the wiring is connected properly and that there are no loose connections. Adjusting the electrical settings or replacing faulty components may solve the problem.
  3. Acceleration settings: If the acceleration settings are too high, the machine may be trying to move too fast, causing it to skip steps. Try reducing the acceleration settings and see if that solves the problem.
  4. Software settings: The software settings used to control the machine may also be causing it to skip steps. Make sure that the settings are appropriate for the machine’s hardware and that the software is properly configured.
  5. Feed rate: If the feed rate is too high, the machine may be trying to move too fast, causing it to skip steps. Try reducing the feed rate and see if that solves the problem.

It’s important to identify the specific cause of the problem in order to find the appropriate solution. If you are not sure how to troubleshoot the issue, it may be helpful to consult the manufacturer’s documentation or seek advice from a professional.

Me: Good answer, but remember, I said this was a DIY CNC, meaning I built it myself, so when you suggest I consult the manufacturer, you are telling me to contact myself!

OpenAI: My apologies for the confusion. Since you built the DIY CNC machine yourself, you are the manufacturer in this case. Instead of consulting the manufacturer’s documentation, you may need to consult the documentation or instructions you used during the build process. Alternatively, you can try searching online forums or user groups for your specific CNC router or DIY CNC machine to see if others have experienced similar issues and have suggested solutions. You can also try reaching out to the community of DIY CNC machine builders to seek advice or guidance on how to troubleshoot the issue. Additionally, you may need to inspect the machine thoroughly to identify any mechanical or electrical issues that could be causing the skipping steps problem.

  • [I’m not actually skipping steps, but I was trying to goad the AI into telling me to check for loose grubs screws! Which I got pretty close to accomplishing!]

I, for one, welcome ChatGPT to the V1 forum! Those are some great answers.

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Maybe I should cut and paste all my instructions to have it write things more concisely.

I did ask it some technical questions a few days back and I did get useful information from them.

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Try cutting and pasting text from a complex subject and ask it to summarize the text, writing for a sixth grader.

It actually does a really good job of prioritizing content.

That said you are an engineer and write in pre-summarized bullet points so I’m not sure that would be very helpful.