500C Temp reading

Hi, just finished my build (or so i like to think), and had issues connecting to my mac initially. The board kept waiting for temperature reading.

I was able to download the driver, change the bauds and had to use the Therm file and re-flash the board. Now the temp was being read, but it reads 478C. Removing the T0 resistor measures 477C. Something is wrong. So in order to make it work, had to reset the max temp limit to 500C.

Not a big deal now, but maybe later if i try to implement the 3D printer.

Anything i need to change to make it read a reasonable number?


Using my electronics or your own?


Was is the resistance reading of the resistor? You should be set on thermistor #11 in the firmware no matter what baud rate or OS you have.

i will need to check tonight. I thought the resistor was loose, but it seems to be properly crimped. The other firmware files you have didnt work, only this _therm did the trick, i might need to change that back to 11 and recheck. might be the temp table for the thermistor what is screwing it up. thanks for the reply

thanks Ryan, changing the temp sensor to #11 fixed, now reads 20C.

Kinda out of topic. Dewalt 660 or 611. I know you recommend the 660, but thinking on weight the 611 is 4.6 lb and the 6660 is 3.2 lb (or 50% heavier). My build is 4’x4’ for a 3’x3’ cut area. My concern is flexing of the pipes. your thoughts appreciated. thanks

Size is the biggest advantage. https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/spindle-choice/#post-15145