1/8" collet in Sweden?

I just got my very first router, Makita rt0700c and I have absolutely no idea where to find the 1/8" collet in Sweden! Can some Swedish residents help me kindly?

I am from Germany and I had to order mine from Elaire (or Ryan nowadays, he sells Elaire’s collets as well). It’s 40€ well spent.

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Går tydligen inte att lägga in länkar här men om du går till amazon.se och söker på 6 mm till 3,175 mm precisionsgraveringsbit CNC-routerverktygsadapter så hittar du det du vill ha. Använder själv en sådan till min Makitaklon.

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Hang around a bit longer, post a bit, show us the cool things you’re making, help out where you can, or ask for help on things you’re having troubles with, and soon enough the forum demons will grant you the power to post links (and more than one image at a time). I’m usually in charge of initiations, but the goats are still out on assignment, so it’ll be a while… :candle: :candle: :goat: :candle: :candle:

edit: Don’t worry about language differences, Google translate seems to do a decent job with most everyone else’s posts. I may be an outlier, since my stock and trade is innuendo and double entendre with heavy doses of obscure-ish pop-culture references. If nothing else, I believe we have several Swedes (making an assumption based on your Amazon link) bouncing around. I know there are others from the Nordics, but Norway isn’t Sweden… Even as an American, I know that. (There was a great post-apocalyptic web comic based in the Nordic states that did a great job of highlighting the different languages and cultures.) At least, I know better than to confuse the Finns with anyone else… :wink:

I thank you and will give it a try. From a Swede to another, hörgen törgen schmörgen…bork bork!