1/4 Bit Success

I went down to my local toolstation this week and picked up a £1.50 1/4 shank bit with a 6mm diameter and 20mm length. It’s not a proper endmill but im able to cut so much faster,clean edges, at lower rpm’s and there’s so much less fluff and string left on the cut.

I’ve ordered some 1/4 carbide flat endmills from aliexpress after this test run but just to give a comparison I was cutting at 1.5mm DOC at 600mm/s. I’ve only done a few test cuts but so far i’ve done 3mm DOC at 600mm/s and 2.5mm DOC at 1000mm/s with great results.

If you’ve got a 1/4 trim router I really recommend testing out the larger bits!

Some of my cuts have taken a 1/4 of the time.

What are you cutting?


Are you certain the shank is 1/4" (6.35mm) and not 6mm? If it is the latter be aware that you may have issues at some point with the bit slipping in the collet.